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About Tickle Tests

Tickle's tests are based on the most current and accurate psychological research available. Each offers thought-provoking test questions and personalized analyses that encourage goal fulfillment and relationship improvement in every area of life.

Tickle tests are created by a staff of PhDs collaborating with experts in their respective fields. Led by Dr. Jennifer Bruning Brown, a team of psychologists frTickle tests are created by a staff of PhDs collaborating with experts in their respective fields. Led by Dr. Jennifer Bruning Brown, a team of psychologists from Harvard, Yale, Duke, Northeastern, Washington University in St. Louis, University at Albany, SUNY and The University of Kansas, have produced the highest quality and most scientific tests available on the Internet, meeting standards on par with the academic world.

Tickle offers its members psychological tests ranging in topic from the PhD-certified Sexual Personality Test to Tickle's Original Inkblot Test - exclusive to Tickle and the only one of its kind available outside a psychologist's office. raise your children), Right Job, Wrong Job (one of our Career and Intelligence Tests that provides insight into what career is right for you), and The Celebrity Matchmaker test.

How does Tickle create its tests?
When Tickle creates a PhD-certified test, we first look at which psychological topics would be interesting to our members. We then determine which psychological constructs would give us the information we need in order to provide test takers with accurate, useful, and interesting feedback about themselves. PhD-certified tests are based on established psychological instruments published in well-respected journals and books.

Next, Tickle creates a large pool of questions which are candidates to be used in the actual test. Thousands of Tickle members answer these questions. By looking at how the questions relate to one another we can evaluate their validity and reliability. This gives us our top questions, now established as validly and reliably measuring constructs. The final test, then, is a subset of the original group of questions.

It may be surprising to our members that what often appears to be just a fun concept or question is actually based on science. For instance, the Power Quotient test gives a "power style" and a "power quotient" that previously had not been defined in psychological literature. We based our idea of power for this test on the "locus of control" phenomenon that is measured in psychological literature. By comparing our own questions to those in the psychological research of academicians, we were able to determine which of our questions best assessed locus of control, and then used those to determine power style, power quotient, and to give our members feedback about how to become more powerful in their own lives. Likewise, our "What Breed of Dog Are You at Work?" test is based on social psychology research as well as research on Type A and Type B personalities.

Tickle Tests Uncover Information That Is Deep, Meaningful and Reliable
Tickle provides psychological insight based on our own experience with clinical patients, our training in psychology, and our continued pursuit of knowledge of human nature, including the theoretical frameworks and empirical findings of a wide variety of psychologists, sociologists, demographers, statisticians, and more.

What does all this scientific stuff do for Tickle members?
It means that Tickle's tests will give members real insight and creative ideas for improving their overall lives.

Fast Facts About Tickle's Tests

  • Tickle offers more than 200 tests, 50 of which are PhD-certified.
  • Tickle's members take more than 2 million tests a week.
  • Tickle members have answered more than 5 billion test questions since the company was founded in 1999.
  • Each test takes 5-10 months to design, construct, validate, and launch.


Dr. Jennifer Bruning Brown
Research Psychologist, Tickle Inc.

Dr. Jennifer Bruning Brown, Research Psychologist at Tickle Inc., received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University where she worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow until joining Tickle in 2004. Prior to this she received a J.D. in Law from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her extensive clinical training includes the assessment and treatment of depression, eating disorders and relationship issues.

Dr. Bruning Brown has published articles in many nationally recognized journals and has presented on topics that include psychology and the law, eating disorders and athletic performance. In addition, Dr. Bruning Brown has over five years as a successful female business owner as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
In practicing law, Dr. Bruning Brown worked as a certified mediator, with special training in conflict and alternative dispute resolution.