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Billing Software
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Synergistic Office Solutions - Click for a free trial.

Mental Health Practice Billing Software

CMS 1500 Fill and Print Law Forms, Inc Windows


EZ2Bill Ltd
Starting at $349

PC Consulting Group

Starting at $895

EazyCMS 1500 Form Filler Software (new)
Little Guy Software
Starting at $48.50

EZClaim Advanced Medical Billing
EZClaim Healthcare Software

Starting at $395

EZClaim Form Filling Software
Aardvark Forms

Starting at $145

(Formerly Therapist Helper)
Netsmart Technologies**

Call for pricing

InstaClaim 3.0
1500 Health Insurance Claim Form Software
InstaCode Institute
Starting at $79

Lytec Mental Health Billing Software
2K Medical Billing Software

Starting at $3,400

MedGoal (formerly MedAssist)
Online River Software
Formerly Get Physical! Software, LLC
Starting at $199

Call for pricing

MPMsoft Practice Billing Software
Starting at $898.98

Office Manager
Synergistic Office Solutions, Inc.
Seth R. Krieger, Ph.D., President
Katherine E. Peres, Ph.D., Vice-President

Call for pricing

√ Fully Functional Demo
√ Phone & E-mail Support
User Support Forum
Customer Testimonials

Office Therapy & QuicDoc*
DocuTrac, Inc.
Call for pricing

PM/2 Practice Management Systems, Inc.

Starting at $600

American Medical Billing Software
Applied Computing Services
Starting at $295

Practice Magic Software
Cornucopia Software

Starting at $129.95

The Psychotherapy Practice Manager
TPPM, J. H. Mullin, Ph.D.

PracticePRO Software Systems
Starting at $599

Rudd, Inc.
Not available

Multi-Health Systems, Inc.


Saner Software, Inc.
Starting at $585

TheraManager LLC
Call for pricing

The Therapist
Beaver Creek Software

Starting at $499

Online River Software
Formerly Get Physical! Software
Starting at $199

√ Fully Functional Demo
√ Phone & E-mail Support
Customer Testimonials

*Acquired from MBC Systems, Inc.

**Acquired from VantageMed

***Acquired from Mike F. Tompsett, Ph.D.

CMS-1500 Forms

Purchase or download? Some considerations

Reviews & Recommendations

Billing Software for the Mac
by Kenneth S. Pope, PhD, ABPP
APA list discussion, March 24, 2004
[Review -- ChartEvolve, MedAssist, PracticeMagic, Psychotherapy Practice Manager, ShrinkRapt, SumTime, TherapySoft]

Practice Management Software
by Thomas A. Blood, PhD
Solo Shrink Blog, January 15, 2006
[Review -- Brickell Medical Office]

Taking a New Look at Practice Management Software
by Larry Rosen, PhD
The National Psychologist, September/October 2000
[Review -- Delphi, Office Manager, Office Therapy, ShrinkRapt, Therapist Helper]

The Paper on Electronic Billing
by Joshua Rosenthal, MS
Review: APA Division 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)
[Review -- EDI, electronic billing, clearinghouses]

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Important Notice: APC does not sell, support or endorse the programs listed on this page. Reviews and recommendations by practitioners are welcome.
Text listings are free for qualified vendors. To qualify, the company's website must include both e-mail and telephone contact information. Please contact APC for advertising information.
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"Thank you for the listing of billing programs for psychologists, including the links not only to the websites but also to reviews--very impressive and helpful! "

"I also forwarded your assessment resource page to a colleague."

"Thanks for the time-saving organization!!"
--Dr PDW (2006)

Information Management EMR Systems

Anasazi Client Data System
Anasazi Software

Call for pricing

Care Enterprise
Core Solutions, Inc

Call for pricing

Case Manager
Synergistic Office Solutions, Inc.
Seth R. Krieger, Ph.D., President
Katherine E. Peres, Ph.D., Vice-President

Call for pricing

√ Fully Functional Demo
√ Phone & E-mail Support
User Support Forum
Customer Testimonials

Clinical Record Keeper
Charles M. Stewart, M.D.
Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc. Windows Mac
Starting at $120

E-Record Clinical Information System
CarePaths, Inc
(Formerly OQ Systems, Inc.)

Starting at $30/month per clinician

Mental Health Management Software for Windows and Mac, LLC

Starting at $199

HIPAA psychotherapy note assistant and billing module
Notes 444, Inc.

Starting at $200

PM/2 Clinical Planner
PM/2 Practice Management Systems, Inc.

Starting at $600

Polaris Health Directions

Call for pricing

Psychology Advantage
Compulink Business Systems

Call for pricing

DocuTrac, Inc.

Call for pricing
Psych Select Software, LLC
Call for pricing


Medical Office Systems

Accumedic Computer Systems, Inc.
Call for pricing

Web-based billing and practice management system
AdvancedMD Software, Inc.

Call for pricing

Brickell Medical Office
Brickell Research, Inc.

Starting at $3,995

DAQbilling Practice Management System
Antek HealthWare, LLC

Call for pricing

MedcomSoft, Inc.
Call for pricing

Medical Manager
Sage Software Healthcare, Inc.
Call for pricing


Mental Health Practice Billing Services

Mental health billing service

Call for pricing

Psych Administrative Partners
Billing service exclusively for mental health practitioners
8.0% of receivables plus one-time set-up fee

PsychBiller, LLC
Psychology, neuropsychology, and psychiatry - billing and practice management consulting

Not accepting new clients

Web-based insurance billing & collection
Call for pricing

Therapy Partner Corporation
Starting at $24.95/month

Claims Clearinghouses
Approved by AvMed* 

Claims Clearinghouse Web Site
Availity LLC
Office Ally

Office Ally | Free Forms
EHR starting at $29.95/month Info | Demo
Practice Mate - Free Practice Management System Info | Demo


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Billing Software
Top 20 visited links

1.  TheraManager (1)
2.  Office Therapy (2)
3.  Practice Magic (4)

4.  The Therapist (3)
5.  Office Manager (5)

6.  SumTime (11)
7.  EZClaim (8)
8.  Helper (14)
9.  TherapySoft (12)
10. QuickPractice (11)

11. ShrinkRapt (6)

12. Delphi/PBS (15)
13. EasyCMS
14. InstaClaim (9)
15. PM/2 (10)

16. Lytec (16)
17. MediSoft (18)
18. PMA-2000 (13)
19. MPMsoft (19)
20. MedGoal/MedAssist (17)

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