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Special Education Tests
for Special Needs and Gifted Students

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Approved Tests
Florida Department of Education

2004-2005 through 2006-2007 Update [Click here]--note 2.2 MB PDF
Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Specially Designed Instruction and Related Services for Exceptional Students
Part V - Evaluation Instruments

Qualified Evaluators: Qualified evaluators are determined in accordance with instructions
provided by the producer of the instrument. Qualified evaluators may include psychologists,
teachers, and/or educational diagnosticians.

General Batteries
Aprenda: La prueba de logros en espanol, Segunda edicion (1997)
    Psychological Corporation
    Grades K to 12
Basic School Skills Inventory (Diagnostic Version)
    4.0 to 7.5 years
Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - Preschool Version (BTBC-PV)
    Psychological Corporation
    3 to 5 years
Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - Revised (BTBC-R)(1986)
    Psychological Corporation
    Grades K through 2
Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - Revised (BTBC-R)(1986) (Spanish Edition)
    Psychological Corporation
    Grades K through 2
Bracken Basic Concept Scale - Revised (1998)
    Psychological Corporation
    2.6 to 8 years
Bracken Basic Concept Scale - Revised (1998)(Spanish Edition)
    Psychological Corporation
    2.6 to 8 years
Brigance Assessment of Basic Skills (Spanish Edition)
    Curriculum Associates
    Grades K to 8
Brigance Inventory of Early Development - Revised
    Curriculum Associates
    Birth to 7 years
Brigance Inventory of Essential Skills
    Curriculum Associates
    Grades 6 to 12
Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills-Revised (CIBS-R)
    Curriculum Associates
    Grades Pre-K to 9
Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM)
    Grades K to 6
Diagnostic Achievement Battery 2 (DAB-2)
    MHS/Western Psychological Services
    6 to 14 years
Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS)
    Grades K to 1
Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test (K-FAST)
    American Guidance Service
    15 to adult
Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Normative Updates
    American Guidance Service
    Grades 1 to 12
Learning Accomplishment Profile -Revised (LAP-R)
    Kaplan School Supply Corporation
    3 to 6 years
Peabody Individual Achievement Test -Revised (PIAT-R)
(Normative Updates -NU)(1997)
    American Guidance Service
    5 to 18 years
Psychoeducational Profile - Revised (PEP-R)
    1 to 11 years
The Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning (ASIEP)
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)(1992)
    Psychological Corporation
    5 to 19 years
Woodcock-Johnson Psychoeducational Battery -Revised (WJ-R)
(Part Two -Achievement)
    Riverside Publishing
    2 to 90 years
Woodcock-Johnson III: (WJ-III) (Tests of Achievement)
    Riverside Publishing
    2 to 90 years
Reading Assessments
Gates-MacGintie Reading Tests, Third Edition
    Teacher ’s College Press
    Grades 1 to 9
Gray Oral Reading Tests: Third Edition (GORT-2)(1992)
    MHS/Western Psychological Services
    7.0 to 18.11 years
Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test - Fourth Edition (1995)
    Psychological Corporation
    Grades 1.5 to 13
Test of Early Reading Ability - 2 (TERA-2)(1989)
    ProEd/Western Psychological Services
    3 to 9.11 years
Test of Reading Comprehension - Third Edition (TORC-3)
    ProEd/Western Psychological Services
    7.0 to 17.11 years
Woodcock Diagnostic Reading Battery (WDRB)(1997)
    Riverside Publishing
    4 to adult
Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests - Revised -NU (Normative Updates) (1998)
    American Guidance Service
    5 to adult
Mathematics Assessments
Enright Diagnostic Math Inventory
    Curriculum Associates
     Grades 1 to 8
Key Math Revised (NU): A Diagnostic Inventory of Essential Mathematics
    American Guidance Service
    Grades K to 9
Kramer Preschool Math Learning Concepts
Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test - Fourth Edition (1995)
    Psychological Corporation
    Grades 1.5 to 13
Test of Early Mathematics - Second Edition (TEMA-2)(1990)
    ProEd/ Riverside Publishing
    3.0 to 8.11 years
Test of Mathematical Abilities (TOMA-2)(1994)
    Riverside Publishing
    8.0 to 18.11 years
Oral and Written Language Assessments
Assessment of Children ’s Language Comprehension (ACLC)
    Consulting Psychology Press
    3.6 to 6 years
Clinical Evaluation Language Functions - Revised (CELF-R)
    Consulting Psychology Press/Psychological Corporation
    3.6 to 6 years
Expressive Vocabulary Test (EVT)(1997)
    American Guidance Service
    2.6 to adult
Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS)
    American Guidance Service
    3 to 21 years
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Third Edition (PPVT-III)
    American Guidance Service
    2.5 to adult
Test de Vocabulario en Imagenes Peabody (TVIP)(1990)
    American Guidance Service
    2.6 to 17.11 years
Test of Early Language Development - Second Edition (TELD-2)
    American Guidance Service/Western Psychological Services
    2 to 7.11 years
Test of Early Written Language - Second Edition (TEWL-2)(1996)
    ProEd/ Riverside Publishing
    3 to 10.11 years
Test of Language Development - Third Edition (TOLD-3)
    American Guidance Service/ Western Psychological Services
    4.0 to 12.11 years
Test of Written Language - Third Edition (TOWL-3)(1996)
    American Guidance Service/ProEd/ Western Psychological Services
    6 to 18 years
Test of Written Spelling - Third Edition (TWS-3)(1986)
    6 to 17.11 years
Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery -Revised Spanish form (1995), English form (1991)
    Riverside Publishing
    2 to adult

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