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Special Education Tests
for Special Needs and Gifted Students

Adaptive Behavior > Assessment > Psychological Tests > Types of Tests > Special Ed Tests > Adaptive Behavior


Approved Tests
Florida Department of Education

2004-2005 through 2006-2007 Update--2.2 MB PDF
Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Specially Designed Instruction and Related Services for Exceptional Students
Part V - Evaluation Instruments

Qualified Evaluators: Qualified evaluators are determined in accordance with instructions
provided by the producer of the assessment instrument. Qualified evaluators may include
social worker, psychologist, or teacher.

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System (ABAS)(2000)
    Psychological Corporation
    5 to 21 years
Adaptive Behavior Evaluation Scale (ABES)(1995)
    Hawthorne Educational Services
    5 to 19 years
AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scales-School, Second Edition (ABS-S-2)(1992)
    MHS/ProEd/Psychological Corporation/Publishers Test Service/Riverside Publishing/
    Western Psychological Services
    3 to 21 years
Adaptive Behavior Inventory (ABI)
    Western Psychological Services
    5 to 19 years
Adaptive Behavior Scale-Residential and Community, Second Edition (AAMR ABS-RC:2)
    18 years to adult
Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children (ABIC)(1982)
    Psychological Corporation
    5 to 11 years
Caine-Levine Social Competency Scale
    Consulting Psychology, Inc.
    5 to 13 years
Camelot Behavioral Checklist
    Edmark Associates
    Junior high to adult
Comprehensive Test of Adaptive Behavior (CTAB)
    Charles E. Merrill
    Birth to 60 years
Developmental Profile II (DP-II)
    Western Psychological Services
    Infancy to 9.5 years
Developmental Task Analysis
    Fearon Publishers
    6 months to 9 years
Normative Adaptive Behavior Checklist
    Charles E. Merrill
    Birth to adult
Scales of Independent Behavior - Revised (SIB-R)(1996)
    Riverside Publishing
    Infancy to adult
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales
    American Guidance Service
    Birth to adult

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