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by Hugh M. Kramer

Dr Pigman Freud is a guinea pig psychotherapist and oinkologist formerly of the University of Vienna. He's been treating my little herd for years. A number of people have asked if they could refer their questions about guinea pig behavior to Dr Freud and I'm pleased to announce that he has consented to advise them through me. Those of you that wish to submit questions should email them to me and eventually he will answer them in a column "Ask Dr Pigman Freud". Remember that he is a psychotherapist, not a veterinarian, so limit your inquiries to aspects of guinea pig behavior rather than physical ailments.-- Hugh M. Kramer

Eight Ball's case: Why does sometimes a piglet chew when he/she has his/her backside rubbed.

Are piggies smart? Roxann from California asks: "Dr. Freud, exactly how smart are guinea pigs?"

Chirps: Tomasz from Fidonet asks: "Why do guinea pigs chirp?"

Oedipigal Complex: Amy from asks: "Do guinea pigs ever suffer from the so-called 'Oedipigal Complex'?"

Rabbit company? Ivy from asks: "I have two male GPs living alone together. Do you think they have forgotten about girls? Should I get them a lady bunny rabbit for company?"

The case of the "under-endowed" gpig: The case of this guinea pig is reported before Dr P. Freud's answer.

Female gpigs remaining still on the floor: Another brilliant solution coming from Dr. P. Freud.

Hand-feeding gpigs? Doktor Freud's opinion on the argument.

Female gpig turning into a psyco-nutty-killer: Bonnie is a lovely piggie... until she mets stranger gpigs

What do guinea pigs dream? Doktor Freud's giving his best in answering this very good question!

Piggies' head-butting. Who didn't notice this behaviour in his/her piglet?

Looking for Mr. Goodboar! How to choose the right mate for your piggie.

Copyright © 1996 Hugh M. Kramer. Reprinted with permission.

Editor's note--The purpose of this page is humor and not professional advice for treating gpigs or people,
nor does it represent the professional opinions of Dr. William E. Benet and

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