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Psychological Test Developers
and historical influences in the development of intelligence theory & testing > Test Resources > Psychological Tests > Test Developers

 The 100 Most Eminent Psychologists of the 20th Century
Test Developer Profiles
From Cohen, Ronald Jay (1999)
Psychological Testing and Assessment, 4th Ed. Mayfield/McGraw-Hill
Out of print - The 2004 edition is available shown at right
Ch. 1
E. Paul Torrance, Ph.D.

Paul Torrance
Ch. 2
Ana Muñoz-Sandoval, Ed.D.

Ana Munoz-Sandoval
Ch. 3
Bruce Albert Bracken, Ph.D

Bruce Bracken
Ch. 4
Glen E. Roberts, Ph.D.

Glen Roberts
Ch. 5
Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

Thomas Brown
Ch. 6
Aaron T. Beck, M.D.

Aaron Beck
Ch. 7
Kenneth W. Merrell, Ph.D.

Kenneth Merrell
Ch. 8
Alfred Binet

David Wechsler, Ph.D.
 David Wechsler
Ch. 9
Jack A. Naglieri, Ph.D.

Jack Naglieri
Ch. 10
Alan S. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Nadeen L. Kaufman, Ed.D.

Nadeen and Alan Kaufman
Ch. 11
Starke Rosecrans Hathaway, Ph.D.
James Butcher, Ph.D.
W. Grant Dahlstrom, Ph.D.
John R Graham, Ph.D.
Auke Tellegan, Ph.D.
(not pictured)
Starke HathawayJames Butcher
Grant DahlstromJohn Graham
Ch. 12
Hermann Rorschach, M.D.
Henry A. Murray, M.D., Ph.D.
Christina D. Morgan

Hermann RorschachHenry Murray
Christina Morgan
Ch. 13
Richard Rogers, Ph.D., ABPP
Theodore Millon, Ph.D., D.Sc.
David Rapaport, Ph.D.

Richard Rogers Theodore Millon  David Rapaport
Ch. 14
Lauretta Bender, M.D.
Lauretta Bender
Ch. 15
Ann E. Boehm, Ph.D.

Ann Boehm
Ch. 16
Christina Maslach, Ph.D.

Christina Maslach
Ch. 17
Joseph P. Santoro, Ph.D.

Joseph Santoro
Internet only
Judith Meyers, Psy.D. (not pictured)
Edward S. Kubany, Ph.D.

Edward Kubany


 in the History of Psychology

Christopher D. Green, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
York University, Toronto, Canada

Allport, Floyd H. & Allport, Gordon W. (1921). Personality traits: Their classificiation and measurement. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 16, 6-40

Binet, Alfred. (1916). New methods for the diagnosis of the intellectual level of subnormals. In E. S. Kite (Trans.), The development of intelligence in children.  (Originally published 1905 in L'Année Psychologique, 12, 191-244.)

Description of Binet's approach in intelligence testing, and of the original version of the most influential of all intelligence tests.

  • Introduction to Binet (1905/1916) by Henry L. Minton.
  • Commentary on Binet (1905/1916) and Terman (1916) by Henry L. Minton

Cronbach, Lee J. & Meehl, Paul E. (1955). Construct validity in psychological tests. Psychological Bulletin, 52, 281-302.

The origin of the term "construct validity"

Spearman, Charles. (1904). "General intelligence," objectively determined and measured. American Journal of Psychology, 15, 201-293.

Probably the most influential paper in the history of psychometric intelligence theory.

Terman, Lewis M. (1916). The uses of intelligence tests. From The measurement of intelligence (chapter 1). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Major statement of Terman's approach to intelligence testing.

  • Introduction to Terman (1916) by Henry L. Minton.
  • Commentary on Binet (1905/1916) and Terman (1916) by Henry L. Minton.

Thurstone, L. L. (1934). The vectors of mind. Psychological Review, 41, 1-32.

Thurstone's extension of Spearman's work on g to a multi-factorial model of mental abilities.

of the History of American Psychology

Measurement Instruments
and Apparatuses

Historical Influences
From Plucker, J. A., Editor (2003)
Human Intelligence: Historical Influences
Indiana University

New! Interactive Map

Anastasi, Anne
Aquinas, Thomas
Augustine of Hippo
Bingham. Walter
Binet, Alfred
Burt, Cyril
Cattell, James McKeen
Cattell, Psyche
Cattell, Raymond
Carroll, John
Charcot, Jean-Martin
Darwin, Charles
Duff, William
Ebbinghaus, Hermann
Edison, Thomas
Esquirol, Jean
Eysenck, Hans
Freud, Sigmund
Galton, Francis
Gardner, Howard
Gauss, Karl
Goddard, Henry
Goodenough, Florence
Guilford, J. P.
Hall, G. S.
Hobbes, Thomas
Hollingworth, Leta
Hollingworth, Harry
Huarte, Juan
Hunt, J. McVicker
Inhelder, Barbel
Itard, Jean Marc
James, William
Jensen, Arthur
Kamin, Leon
Kant, Immanuel
LaPlace, Simon
Locke, John
Mill, John Stuart
McNemar, Quinn
McDougall, William
Pascal, Blaise
Pearson, Karl
Piaget, Jean
Renzulli, Joseph
Simon, Theodore
Smith, Adam
Spearman, Charles
Stern, William
Sternberg, Robert
Symond, Percival
Taylor, Calvin
Terman, Lewis
Thomasius, Christian
Thorndike, Edward
Thorndike, Robert
Thurstone, L. L.
Thurstone, Thelma
Titchener, Edward
Vernon, Philip
Vygotsky, Lev
Wechsler, David
Wissler, Clark
Wundt, Wilhelm
Yerkes, Robert

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